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Your business depends on email as a tool for communication, file sharing and more. But this same valuable tool is often the weakest link in the security of your business systems and data. Along with essential emails come unwanted threats--including Spam, Phishing Scams, Viruses and Malware. With online attacks becoming more and more prevalent, automated protection is crucial. ODI's SPAM Filtering Service cuts off most of these threats BEFORE they even reach your systems.

Contact us to have ODI setup SPAM Filtering for your business to reduce wasted administrative time as you safeguard your business systems from dangerous threats.

Top 5 Reasons You Need SPAM Filtering
  • Save Time (eliminate poring through large quantities of Junk Mail)
  • Increase Security (virus & malware scans before mail arrives on your systems)
  • Minimize Down Time (eliminating threats before they happen)
  • Automated Managed Services (there's nothing for you to do)
  • Decrease Server Workload (offloading huge storage needs)
Benefits of SPAM Filtering
  • Dramatic Reduction in volume of 'Junk Mail'
  • Enhanced security against viruses & malware
  • Continuity (functions even if your mail svc fails)
  • Offloads huge storage needs from your server(s).
  • Reduce wasted time poring through SPAM mail
  • Protect Staff Against Phishing Scams
  • Easy access & simple, flexible search options
  • Message archiving
How SPAM Filtering Works...   Is My Email Secure?

With ODI's SPAM Filtering Service, your email is securely routed through specialized Security Servers & Firewalls, which not only serve to eliminate most of the flood of 'junk mail' you struggle with each day, but also remove threatening malware and viruses. Teh remaining 'clean' email then reaches your office staff.


Absolutely. Our SPAM Filtering is routed via completely secure mail servers utilizing the latest in encryption and data security technologies to make sure that your emails are completely secure and confidential. For more details about the security measures integrated within this solution, contact your ODI rep.

Sample SPAM Filtering Summary Report


How Much Does This Cost?

Costs are based on the number of email accounts included, with accounts available for as few a 5 email addresses. Any email account can be setup with this system, regardless of where it is hosted. Contact ODI for details.

Request for SPAM Filtering Setup

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