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In today's business world, your company's data is arguably one of your most valuable assets. ODI helps you protect that asset with a backup solution that gives your data the attention it deserves!

ODI's BackTrak is as flexible as it is powerful. It offers options that include both localized on-premesis and remote cloud backups. Automation ensures that backups are performed on schedule while our team of experts see that your mission-critical data is safe and sound. We understand that backing up your important data is not simply a “set it and forget it” process. That’s why we proactively monitor and manage all your data backups, so if a backup fails, we know about it, fix it and resolve the issue before it ever affects your business.

Contact us to utilize this essential service & enjoy the confidence of knowing your most valuable business asset is well protected. With a few short questions, we'll determine the optimal settings and custom configure BackTrak for your needs.

Top 6 Reasons You May Need a Backup:
  • Human Error (accidental deletion) - The #1 cause of lost data.
  • System Malfunction - Drives fail. Systems crash. Data is lost.
  • Viruses (malicious hacks) - In today's 'plugged in' world, it's quite common
  • Distruntled Employees (stolen/damaged) - This happens VERY often.
  • Theft (systems/backups stolen) - Thieves aren't choosy. They often grab it all!
  • Flood / Fire / Hurricane - In a disaster, systems are easily replaced. Data is not!

Benefits of BackTrak:
  • Automated backup system
  • Customizable settings
  • Regular reporting of backup confirmations
  • Data Redundancy (local & cloud-based data)
  • Data rollback by 1hr, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc
  • Reduce staff time managing backups
  • Let experienced IT manage this essential task
How BackTrak Works...   Is My Data Secure?

BackTrak automatically backs up key data to a local backup appliance and/or to a secure, remote cloud server--based on your selected options. Backups typically take place during non-peak business hours. Our technicians oversee and monitor the process, ensuring your backups complete successfully. As confirmation, you receive regular reports with backup details. That's it!

If needed, your backed up data is easily restored, whether you require a single file, a database or an entire server image - whether you need to rollback to a version from an hour, a day, a week or a month ago.


The short answer is - YES. BackTrak utilizes the latest in encryption and data security technologies to make sure that your data is completely safe and secure. If you would like more details about the security measures integrated within this backup solution, feel free to contact your ODI rep for more information.


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